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By Charlotte | My Heart Is Grateful Necklace - Silver

By Charlotte | My Heart Is Grateful Necklace - Silver 

Reflect upon all that you are grateful for with our My Heart Is Grateful Necklace. The large coin pendant features a crystal encrusted sunrise, a reminder of the infinite potential each day holds. Starting your day with a grateful heart will awaken magic in everything you do. Its complementing small pendant will inspire you to manifest your dreams.

  • Necklace length: 22 inches, adjustable to 20 or 19 inches.
  • Large pendant: 18mm. Back is engraved with "My heart is truly grateful".
  • Small pendant: 12mm. Back is engraved with "I give energy to my destiny".
  • Both pendants are set with CZ crystals
  • Pendants have a brushed and battered finish
  • Pendants are removable

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